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Posted by : Ray Wakefield - Date: 13 July 2006 at 11:45

Johan Jacobs, holder of the South African outright Land Speed Record, and S.A. Standing Kilo record, suffered a fatal accident on Verneuk pan in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, on Tuesday, 27th June. The 39 year old ex fighter pilot was to attempt to set a new World Standing Start Mile record the following day in his jet powered Castrol Edge Dragster.

Jacobs was killed instantly when, during his first practice run on the pan, his car veered off the course, at an estimated 500kph,and rolled several times.

Well known in South African drag racing circles, Johan acquired his car from America about two years ago. Initially the car was known simply as Showdown, until he attracted the sponsorship of the oil company incorporated in it's later name.

After several head to head tussles with Mick van Rensburg in another jet powered dragster on strips in the Transvaal, Johan set his sights on the record scene, raising Grant van Schalkwyk's South African record of 383.538 kph to 504.544kph for the flying kilo, at Mafikeng airfield in the latter part of last year.

He also set the South African kilometre sprint record at 9.88 secs, although later in preparation for his World Record attempt, he had recorded an unofficial Standing Kilo of 9.4 seconds, which is inside the current World Record time. Telemetry in the vehicle on that occasion indicated peak acceleration being at fractionally under 9.5G.

Johan had been working in conjunction with Ray Wakefield of Speedrecord S A on plans for a further series of record attempts, which might have taken him to Europe.

An initial inspection of the vehicle after the crash revealed no mechanical malfunction that could have caused the accident.

To Rhoda his wife, his two young children, and his Mother, we extend our deepest sympathy.

Johan Jacob's Castrol Edge Dragster at
Mafikeng Airport prior to setting the
South African Outright Land Speed Record
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