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Ray Wakefield - Date: 14 Aug 2002 at 17:12

As has been mentioned on page 1, the whole raison d'etre of Motivator is to test the compatibility of the surface of the chosen site or sites with the special aluminium alloy wheels that it is necessary to use to achieve speeds in excess of four hundred miles per hour.

The Single-keel wheel.

These are cast in a high duty alloy and machined all over. They are then balanced for complete stability at 6000 rpm, and spin tested to 9000rpm. Due to the extreme radial forces to which the rims of these wheels are subjected at such high rpm, any balancing of the wheels which is necessary can only be done by scraping to a maximum of 20 thousandths of an inch at the appropriate sections of the inner rim. All of the wheels weigh approximately 20 kg, and have a rim width of 2.5".

There are three versions of the wheel. All are identical except for the number of circumferential ribs (keels) that they carry. These are one, two, or five respectively. A modified pneumatic-tyred motorcycle front wheel is used in conjunction with the conventional motorcycle rear wheel for purposes of driver familiarisation, vehicle testing, and general manoeuvring etc.

The machine is clad in an aluminium skin from the front of the engine bay to the front bulkhead.


Front axle with pneumatic tyre and wheel.


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