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Ray Wakefield - Date: 14 Aug 2002 at 16:58

Steering linkage in place.


The fabrication of foot controls proved less of a problem. Rob found a Mazda pedal box among his collection of V8 motors and other assorted motor car components. This was suitably doctored to give cable operation to clutch and brake as well as accelerator.


An hydraulic master cylinder was also provided for the disc brake, which will be fitted when an alloy rear wheel is in use. It would have been nice to have had a disc braked pneumatic motorcycle wheel to fit at the rear for shakedown trials and driver training, but none was forthcoming. 

View of the pedal box and steering shaft.


We thus had to use a Suzuki drum braked rear, hence the cable operation at this stage. As there is no need to restrict weight on the machine, a car type battery has been fitted. In keeping with our philosophy of making everything adjustable that can be adjustable, the pedal box can be moved fore and aft through 55.

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