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Posted by : Ray Wakefield - Date: 14 Aug 2002 at 15:15

I received the drawings and photographs of the TMI test rig a few days later. Gwyn was right. It was a simple device. Crude is a better word. In fairness, it must be realised that it was just a tool to do a job. It didn't have to impress anyone and was, of necessity, made quickly and cheaply, basically to enable Richard to learn how to ride the real thing.

Our perspective was rather different.

e could have simply followed their plans, but the result would not have been pleasing to the eye.

If I had any chance of raising any interest in the proposed attack on the record in this country, and gain the necessary sponsorship for our efforts, TMI had to be credible. A slab sided bathtub wasn't going to do that for us. Rob agreed. We had got some drawings showing the general shape of Maximum Impulse, and we immediately decided that our test rig would be as near as possible a low tech low speed version of the real thing. Not only that, the description 'trainer bike' connoted a child's first bicycle. We felt this gave a negative impression, and again was hardly likely to encourage support.

We needed a name for our beast. The obvious ones of 'Moderate Impulse' or 'Minimum Impulse' were considered, then I remembered that only recently had Don Vesco set a new LSR for wheel driven cars in America in his streamliner "Turbinator"

That was it! Our machine was a tool to motivate an attempt on the two-wheeled record - it would be called "Motivator".

The Chassis of Motivator at the end of week one.

The horseshoe shaped profiles were flame cut locally from 5mm mild steel sheet and square section tubing sourced; round tubing for the safety cage was rolled to shape, and by the end of the first week we had the bare bones of the chassis together.

'Motivator' - Ready to Roll.


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