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What facilities exist for record breaking in South Africa ?

Centred in the Northern Cape Province (see map) are two, and possibly three pans with surfaces consisting of firm dry mud (playa) suitable for high speed use. The largest and of these is Verneuk Pan.

Some 70 km (43 miles) from the small town of Kenhardt . It contains the famous Campbell track of 1929 which is preserved in excellent condition, and about 17 km (11miles) long, although this could be easily extended further.

Hakskeen pan, 200 km (120 miles) north of Upington also has a good surface, and can be used however some civil work would be necessary if more than about 7km (4.2 miles) is required as a dirt road, raised slightly from the surrounding area, crosses the site. This can be removed. The pan is Government owned, and preliminary talks indicate that it would be made available, and possibly even some engineering work done, at no cost.

Another pan close to Hakskeen is Koppieskraal. It is privately owned and about 11km (6.8 miles) long.

No detailed investigation has been undertaken of this site.

A tarmac road in frequent use for high speed testing is available close to the small town of Pofadder .

It is between 20 and 30 km long, and about 40 ft wide.


What are communications like?

Roads in the area are in general extremely good and can take large vehicles. There is generally a 120kph (75mph) on these for all vehicles. Most overseas licences, and International driving permits are valid in South Africa. Driving is on the left (i.e. rt hand drive). Low traffic densities allow high point to point averages to be achieved.

The most convenient airport is situated at Upington. It can take any aircraft up to and including a space shuttle!

The closest sea port is Cape Town approximately 800km (500miles) away.

Telephone facilities are good, particularly in towns. Outside of the towns mobile coverage is not always 100%.


When is the best time to run?

All of the pans are dry and suitable for use from late May to mid August. Wind speeds are low.

Daytime temperatures peak at around 25 -28 C at these times, but can drop to near freezing at night.


What support facilities exist?

At, and near to, the pans there are little or no workshop facilities, and teams should come fully equipped. Generating equipment, welders, lights, portable toilets etc can all be hired locally. Medium sized machine shop facilities are to be found in Upington.

Fire and Medical services can be provided on site.

Fixed-wing and evac helicopters are available.


What fees are required?

The Governing body for Motorsport in South Africa is MSA (Motorsport South Africa ). It is affiliated to both the FIA and FIM, and operates under their rules. It can provide Stewards, Scrutineers, and Timekeepers acceptable to both bodies, thus teams have no need to import their own officials.

Fees for 2004/5 are R. 56 000 for the first two days, thereafter R.13 000/day. This covers the provision of Steward, Scrutineer, Timekeeprs and equipment.

It does not cover any fees payable directly to FIA or FIM.  (R. = S A Rands )

Hire of privately owned pans is subject to negotiation between the team and Landowner.

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