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Campbells 75th Anniversary
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Ray Wakefield - Date: 9 Oct 2003 at 13:29

Verneuk Pan, Northern Cape June 2004

A Unique week of World and National Record breaking

In 1929 Malcolm Campbell, later to be Knighted for his record breaking achievements, came to this country in his quest to set a new outright World Land Speed Record on Verneuk pan in his car Bluebird. Although his attempt failed, it has remained prominent in the memory of South African motoring enthusiasts ever since. The famous Campbell Track has been lovingly preserved throughout the intervening years, and it is now once more set to see another Campbell, and another Bluebird thunder down it's historic surface as his Grandson, Donald Wales, himself a multiple British record holder, will honour his Grandfather's memory by challenging for the South African Land Speed Record in his car, Bluebird Vampire.

At the same event the Primetime Land Speed Engineering team of Collin Fallows and Mark Newby will run their battery powered streamliner e=motion for an attempt at the World Land Speed Record for Electrically powered vehicles.

's famous track stretching out to the horizon - Verneuk pan 2003



You will be aware that Speedrecord S.A., in conjunction with a team of enthusiasts in England, headed by Malcolm Pittwood, were intending to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Malcolm Campbell's 1929 attempt to set a World Land Speed Record on Verneuk Pan in the Northern Cape. This would take the form of an attempt to set a new South African outright Land Speed Record with the car Bluebird/Vampire, to be driven by Campbell 's Grandson, Donald Wales.

Despite months of intensive work both in South Africa and England , the team has found it impossible to be assured of sufficient funds to proceed, and consequently our plans for the attempt have had to be cancelled.

It is possible that an attempt or attempts at certain National Class records may be contemplated later, however there is little time left this year now for this to be organised.

Speedrecord S A is still hopeful that at least one attempt will be made to set a new World Land Speed Record for two-wheeled machines in this country within the next two years, however this will be to a large degree dependent upon the scale of support that can be raised from commerce and industry in the form of sponsorship, and whether costs can be achieved that will compare favourably with sites in other parts of the world.

Any important news on these or any other speed events involving Speedrecord S.A. will be posted on our website.


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