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Another LSR attempt at Verneuk Pan
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Ray Wakefield - Date: 9 Oct 2003 at 14:14

The big news is that 75 years on, another Campbell (well, sort of) is planning to make a record bid on Verneuk pan.

Plans are underway to bring Don Wales, the Grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell and a record contender in his own right, to these shores together with the current British Land Speed Record holder, the jet powered Dragster "Vampire".

In this, Don plans to set a new outright South African Land Speed Record, by beating the current record of 388.538 kph, currently held by 'Spirit of Dunlop". Vampire is no slouch, being well able to exceed 450 kph, and possible even capable of over 500kph.

And yet another -perhaps two

Since the plan was mooted to bring Sir Malcolm Campbell's Grandson, Donald Wales, out to South Africa to attack the current National LSR with the jet dragster Vampire, another contender has joined the throng - possibly two.

Colin Fallows and Mark Newby of the Primetime Land Speed Engineering team are planning to bring their battery powered streamliner e=motion to the same venue in order to attempt a new World Land Speed Record for Electrically powered cars. With a target of 400 kph to beat, they too should exceed the current National record, and hope that the potential 490 kph that e=motion has been calculated to be capable of, will be reached here. If so, it will be the first time anywhere in the world that an existing National LSR will have been eclipsed by a battery powered vehicle.

As these two events are planned to take place over the same period, we have the exciting prospect of a jet car and an electric car going head to head for National honours, one of which will, it is hoped, emerge with a new World Record.

Surefire 1

High speed records require the support of high speed rescue and paramedic personnel in the event of a mishap. The Surefire team, comprising a pair of 'firechase' vehicles has been formed to provide just such a service.

Based on Rover/MG ZT cars, they hope to accompany the two record contenders to the Northern Cape, and whilst providing the very necessary support to the two teams, indulge in a little record breaking on their own account. There is no actual FIA category for the World's Fastest Fire Engine, but they nonetheless hope to be able to rightly be holders of that title by the end of the event.

Check out their website on www.surefire1.com




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